Welcome to our beloved land, in the expanse of 6 thousand square meters of property that we present in all their charm and integrity.

Entering this cradle of peace is like being in a small region of Switzerland with a touch of Italianism, or at least that's what we think.

The real owners are the quality, maximum cleanliness and punctual order, all seasoned with the generous and friendly welcome typical of southern Italy.

Rigour in every detail and love for people and places.

Here is our business card. Our farm-house becomes yours too.

Your country stay comes alive with the wise union of the Nordic atmosphere and domestic familiarity of Central Italy.

Cultures that intersect, mentalities that merge. Italian, Swiss, European, global. Simply lovers of beauty.

Our lucky charms, the couple of Elves at the entrance, greet you and accompany you, giving you luck.

Paolo & Loretta