Civitella del Lao
Civitella del Lago

Only 18 km separate Casale dei Gelsi from Civitella del Lago which is located on one of the highest hills surrounding Lake Corbara at about 470 meters above sea level.

Located exactly halfway among Orvieto and Todi and Civita di Bagnoregio, it dominates Lake Corbara from its position.

The breathtaking panorama that can be admired looking out the ancient walls of the Civitella Castle and Belvedere square which particularly affects the visitor is particularly exceptional. Looking around you can see from the Orvieto City to the Alviano Oasis, from the Montefiascone City up to Amiata Hill.

Located in the beautiful village there is a wonderful museum with an artistic eggs collection, painted and in sculpture.

Do not miss the unique museum in the world that collects thousands of painted and carved eggs, works that are the result of the National Competition Exhibition “OVO PINTO” born in 1982, in Civitella del Lago, from the brilliant intuition of Bernardini Anacleto, president of a youth cultural association. From here thousands of eggs, of every animal species, painted or sculpted by professional artists, beginners artists and amateurs are exhibited by year and theme.

The exhibition originates from the tradition of painting eggs during the Easter period, a custom dating back to the Roman period and still common today in many countries of the world.

A legend tells, when Mary Magdalene went to the sepulcher of Jesus and found it empty, ran to the house where the disciples were to announce the extraordinary novelty. Pietro looked at her incredulously and said “I will believe what you say only if the eggs contained in that basket turn red.” And immediately the eggs turned an intense red! Since then, at the end of each Easter Mass, blessed eggs painted red as a sign of the blood shed by Jesus and his Resurrection were given to the faithful. So the aim of the museum is to rediscover and revive what good and healthy the humble and simple traditions, but true and felt like this, have still maintained.

Casale dei Gelsi → Civitella del Lago 18km

Photogallery Civitella del Lago

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