Sovana e Sorano


Sorano is a picturesque medieval village, located on a speer tuff spur surrounded by a flourishing and unspoiled wood vegetation. This very special position gives visitors the opportunity to walk through the village and admire unexpected and beautiful landscapes as they look over the cliff.

Sorano has preserved its typical medieval architectural structure, so you can still find where tortuous alleys, narrow streets, courtyards, portals and cellars dug into the tuff. On the top of the tuff the imposing Orsini fortress represents one of the most important preserved examples of military architecture in Maremma. Let us remind you that in the surrounding areas there are many archaeological sites which testify to the ancient presence of Etruscans.

Casale dei Gelsi → Sorano 47km

Photogallery Sorano


Sovana is a little village in the Maremma region, located on a spur of tuff, still preserving its ancient medieval aspect. The origins of Sovana (formerly Suana) date back to very ancient times. The presence of many remarkable monuments and vestiges of the past is evidence of the ancient splendours of the Etruscans, of the Papal State and of the Aldobrandeschi family.
The first built-up area dates back to the Bronze Age, later on in VII century BC. it became an Etruscan town, in IV century AD it was an Episcopal See and in 935 it became the county seat of the Aldobrandeschi family. In addition, Sovana is well known for being the birthplace of Ildebrando, who became Pope Gregorio VII in 1073.
As said above, in the actual urban structure, medieval architecture prevails: the square with the historic buildings of Pretorio and of the Archivio, the Santa Maria Church and the Cathedral, gives the place a very fascinating.
Throughout the area below the village, most ruins are Etruscan, such as the cave architectures, the rock-cut passages known as “vie cave”, the necropolises with different type of graves, among which the monumental tomb of Ildebranda of III century BC is worthy of note.

Casale dei Gelsi → Sovana 55km

Photogallery Sovana

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